UO CIVE 1006: Documented Resources Are Limited On The Construction Of Australian Government Buildings: Construction Material Assignment, USA, Australia

University UniSA
Subject UO CIVE 1006: Construction Material


Documented resources are limited on the construction of Australian government buildings throughout Australia. This document will investigate, and record the criteria of building materials used to construct the three following Queensland Government buildings.

1. Brisbane City Hall

Address: 64 Adelaide Street, Brisbane City, QLD, Australia

Constructed: 1920’s

Opened: 8 April 1930

Architect’s/Designer’s: T.R Hall and G.G Prentice

Architecture: Italian Neo-Classical

Historic Significance: Historic listed – YES

2. Queensland Parliament House

Address: CNR George and Alice Street, Brisbane City, QLD, Australia

Constructed: 1864

Opened: 1868

Architect’s/Designer’s: Charles Tiffin

Architecture: Based on an ideology of colonial development

Historic Significance: Historic listed – YES

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3. Brisbane General Post Office

Address: 261 Queen Street, Brisbane City, QLD, Australia

Constructed: 1829-30 (temporary post Office) Replaced:1872

Opened:  1872

Architect’s/Designer’s: FDG Stanley and Thomas Pye

Architecture: Italianate influenced design

Historic Significance: Historic listed – YES

Materials criteria focusing on the history, extraction, processing, properties, tolerances, construction, maintenance, and disposal will be investigated and recorded. Of the selected materials, a performance review will be conducted, including structural elements, characteristics, and the engineered properties of the selected materials. The method for gathering data on the materials and products used in construction begins with attending and photographing the three sites. Defining the era, architect, builder, local suppliers at the time of construction will refine the search criteria for materials, and resources available at the time of construction and any constraints that may have led to certain material choices made at the time of construction. This will all be taken into consideration for material selection.

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